To give you a better idea of how our operation works, below is a flow chart that tracks how we expedite our orders and jobs.
Our process begins with job orders sent to us by foreign recruitment partners in the Middle East. We then take these orders and place advertisements and go through our database of job seekers. After receiving applications and updating applications from our database we shortlist.

The shortlist is a pre-screening process we conduct to find exactly the right candidate capable for the job requirements. The shortlisted is then interviewed by prospective employers and even possibly tested on the knowledge of the trade. Applicants who have passed the interview stages are sent for their medical examinations in accordance with the law.
Once the medical examination is complete and successful, we begin the documentation process. We also handle all the necessary visa requirements which is easy with our trusted reputation. Then flight reservations are made.

When the above processes are completed, we inform the clients the finalization and confirmation of details, responsibly make sure our job seekers are at the airport on their way to fulfill their dreams.
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